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About the Service

       Fertilizer analysis determines the total N, P, K and trace elements contents in inorganic and organic fertilizers.

Who May Avail of the Service

       Individuals, Farmers, Students & Researchers

Requirements to be submitted

1. One (1) kg of fertilizer sample (Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers)

     - at least 500 ml for Liquid Fertilizer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

2. Duly filled up request form

Schedule of Availability of Service

       Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Schedule of Fees

      The fees to be paid depend upon the type of test requested to be performed on the soil sample are as follows:               


Test Performed

Amount (Pesos)

Total N (Nitrogen)


Total P2O5


Total K2O


Test Performed

Amount (Pesos)

Cu (Copper)


Zn (Zinc)


Mn (Manganese)


Fe (Iron)



How to Avail of the Service 

Step 1. Submit at least 1 kilo of sample with following information:

Name of Client:


Kind of Sample:

Composition of sample:

Date submitted:


 Step 2. Secure Order of Payment from Accounting Section (For Applicant/Customer)

                                                            Duration of Activity                     Person-In-Charge

Issuance of Order of Payment                           5 mins                               Ms. Ma. Kathrina Sunga

Step 3. Payment of Fees (For Applicant/Customer)

                                                            Duration of Activity                      Person-In-Charge

Payment of Fees                                             5 mins                               Ms. Cedbryan Santos

Step 4. Releasing

                                                            Duration of Activity                     Person-In-Charge

Release Result                                                2 mins                                Ms. Ma. Kathrina Sunga 


Note:   Results were released on a first come first serve basis and on the condition of samples submitted.